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  A big "Thank You" goes out to all the members (yes, all the members) of alt.comp.freeware.  It is all of you who help make the Pricelessware list by contributing your nominations and casting your votes.  It is you who help find Freeware for those people passing through the newsgroup with specific needs.  You may find yourselves bickering now and then, but yet, you all still find it in your hearts to help other people.

    Honestly, there are just far too many people who should receive credit for being involved with Pricelessware and this web site.  But, let's try to at least get a few names across here in order to show some appreciation for the efforts these people have made:

Direct Credits

  1. alt.comp.freeware: for being the catalyst to the birth of Pricelessware.
  2. Son of Spy: for being most instrumental in the creation of the Pricelessware concept.
  3. Tiger®: for giving a name to what we now call Pricelessware.
  4. Garrett R. Hylltun: for giving Pricelessware its logo identity.
  5. Genna Reeney: for giving Pricelessware a permanent home on the web.
  6. Susan Bugher: for maintaining the Pricelessware home on the web.

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