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   I n 1999, the first Pricelessware List was posted on the site of its creator, Son of Spy, a regular contributor and a most helpful person in the "alt.comp.freeware" newsgroup.

     I t was a simple site that merely listed the name and the links of all the programs chosen as the best Freeware available at that time, as determined by members of the newsgroup.

     W hen "Son of Spy" experienced server problems, Genna Reeney offered to host a backup of the site.  Genna eventually built upon what Son of Spy had started by giving the site a new design and adding descriptions and additional information on all the programs listed in order to aid those wishing to review the Pricelessware List.

     B oth sites continued to co-exist until the summer of 2001.  At that time, the "" domain was purchased in order to give the Pricelessware List a permanent home.  Son of Spy handed over the reins of the site to Genna who had shown a dedicated interest in maintaining the spirit of Pricelessware.

     A few years later, Genna asked Susan Bugher to help with the site, as Susan had indicated an interest in being involved in the process.  New features, such as the cumulative listing, were added under Susan's tenure.

     G enna and Susan have since left the helm of the Pricelessware site, but both, along with Son of Spy, will be remembered always for their contributions to the Pricelessware site and concept.

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