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   T he Pricelessware List was born as a sort of FAQ for the "what is the best Freeware for (fill-in-the-blank)?" questions that would crop up regularly in the newsgroup (Usenet) alt.comp.freeware.

     T he idea of establishing a list of the best available freeware to serve as a quick reference list was the idea of one of the group's most helpful contributors, Son of Spy.

     O riginally called "The Big List", it contained only 100 programs.  Compiled by visitors and regular users of the newsgroup, the focus was on specific programs, not general categories.

     T he term "Pricelessware" was applied to the programs chosen for the list after it was suggested by another regular user of the group, Tiger ® .

     F rom the start, neither Spyware nor Adware programs have been included in the list.

     a lt.comp.freeware continues its tradition of listing the best possible Freeware by conducting an annual vote in the newsgroup at the end of each year.  Revisions and additions are made as warranted throughout the year.

     T he vote is open to all those who wish to participate in the process.  Anyone who wants to nominate a favorite Freeware program, or simply vote on the programs nominated, is welcome to do so.  All you need is either a Usenet News Reader (and Usenet access) and visit " alt.comp.freeware ", or access to Google Groups .

     A ll discussion of the Pricelessware list should take place in the newsgroup. Nominations for the 2005 List are currently scheduled to begin October 1, 2004.

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